Nurturing children's wellbeing through play


Welcome to Chrysalis Play Therapy. My name is Marie Baker and I am a registered child play therapist working in Wellington, New Zealand.

From my home in the suburb of Northland, I provide play therapy to children and families living in the Wellington area.

Just as a chrysalis provides a place in which a caterpillar can grow and change, I provide a safe space for children to work through their difficult feelings, thoughts and experiences so they can emerge stronger and happier.

Marie playing with puppets

What is play therapy?

Play therapy is an evidence based practice which uses the unique benefits of play to help children process their struggles and discover new, healthier ways of being. It is an alternative to child counselling and child psychology. Some of the areas play therapy can help with include:

child therapist


Helping children to view themselves positively and to believe in themselves

children's confidence


Supporting children to understand, express and regulate their emotions

emotional problems


Enabling children to process their difficult experiences and to build resilience

Click here to find out more about the types of struggles play therapy can help with and how play therapy makes a difference for children.

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