Intake Session

The first session is an intake conversation between myself and you (a child’s parent(s) or caregiver(s)). This is an opportunity for me to find out more about your child, your family and the concerns you have. It is also an opportunity for you to find out more about how I work with children and families, and to ask any questions you have. Allow up to 90 minutes for an Intake Session.


Play Therapy Sessions

Play therapy sessions between myself and a child occur once a week. In order to provide consistency, sessions occur on the same day and at the same time each week. Consistency helps children to feel secure and allows the momentum of progress to continue uninterrupted. The number of play therapy sessions needed varies from child to child. Each Play Therapy Session is approximately 50 minutes.


Review Sessions

Review meetings between myself and you will occur on a regular basis (usually after every 5 play therapy sessions) so we can exchange information about what’s been happening for your child at home and during play therapy. During these sessions I will also offer you guidance on what you can do to support your child. Each Review Session is approximately 50 minutes and occurs in addition to your child’s usual play therapy session that week.

Cost & Payment

An Intake Session costs $175.

Each Play Therapy Session costs $135.

Each Review Session costs $135.

This is reduced to $120 a session for a bundle of 5 Play Therapy Sessions and 1 Review Session (i.e. $720) if this payment is made in advance. Please note, Intake Sessions are not included in the bundle and cost $175.

Payment is by internet banking.

Additional services available on request

Meeting with other professionals (e.g. social workers, teachers, health professionals) – $270

Summary Letter – $135

Case Report – $270